UK Launches Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) Scheme

Montserrat and other British Overseas Territories are not expected to be impacted by the recently announced Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme by the UK Home Office.

According to a release by the Governor’s office, this is the UK’s first ETA scheme, which is a digital permission to travel designed to help facilitate and improve the overall passenger experience, as well as augment the security of the UK border.

“Travellers arriving in the UK will not need an ETA if they have: a UK visa; permission to live, work or study in the UK; or a British, Irish or British Overseas Territories passport. The scheme will therefore not impact British Overseas Territories citizens,” the release stated.

“This approach is in line with the UK’s international partners, including the USA (ESTA), Canada (eTA), Australia (eTA) and New Zealand (NZeTA). The European Union is expected to launch a similar scheme in early 2025 (ETIAS).

“The requirement to obtain an ETA applies to all routes and modes of transport (aviation, maritime and international rail) into the UK. An ETA will cost £10 GBP per applicant and will be valid for two years, or until the expiry of the passport used to apply, whichever is sooner,” the release continued.

To get more information on the UK ETA scheme, visit the GOV.UK guidance page.