Montserrat Motor Sports Association Revs Up for Legendary Drags Race Meet in Antigua

The Montserrat Motor Sports Association has been invited to participate in the Legendary Drags Race Meet in Antigua, scheduled from November 24 to 26, 2023.

The association, in a release said the drag race is “a golden opportunity for our team to showcase their prowess and contribute to Montserrat’s standing in the dynamic field of motor sports.

“The Legendary Drags Race Meet is not merely a competition; it’s an avenue for our racers to enhance their skills and gain invaluable experience. Beyond the track, it serves as a platform to elevate Montserrat’s visibility and reputation as a formidable contender in the world of motor sports.

A special ferry fare has been arranged by the Office of the Premier to travel from Montserrat to Antigua for the race weekend. Supporters of Team Montserrat are invited to join the racers in Antigua.

The full team complement, including seven skilled racers, namely Dilleon ‘Moto’ Piper, Alain Bourne, Jauvaed Warner, Keithroy ‘Old Jack’ Martin, Roland Whyte, Germaine ‘Luga’ Murrain and Stephen ‘Skep’ Elwin, dedicated mechanics, and esteemed executives, is geared up for this exhilarating challenge.

President Jermaine Wade expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming meet, stating, “Participating in the Legendary Drags Race Meet is not just a privilege for our association; it’s a commitment to excellence. We look forward to showcasing the talent and determination of Team Montserrat and making a lasting mark on the Caribbean racing scene.”

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