Roots n Stars UK Screening

Watch the Captivating Montserrat Murals Documentary

“Roots N’ Stars: Exploring Montserrat’s Volcanic Legacy, Painting the Path to Tomorrow” is a new documentary by Montserratian filmmaker Jerely Browne.

The short film was screened on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, at the Hackney Picturehouse Cinema in London during the UK National Being Human Humanities Festival.

Students at MSS were able to screen the film before the UK premiere.

The film sheds light on the journey to the creation of the Montserrat Murals by schoolchildren and community groups here.

Collaborating with the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO), Montserrat Secondary School (MSS) students embarked on a transformative journey from January to April of this year, via the MVO-MSS After-School Club. Leveraging information unveiled through archives made accessible by the Curating Crises Project, the students drew inspiration to craft a mural within the school premises. A similar approach engaged members of the wider community, resulting in the creation of three additional murals across the island, capturing poignant anecdotes of Montserrat’s volcanic history and rich culture.

Director Jerely Browne poses with a young fan after the screening in London.

Prior to the official premiere, a pre-screening for participants took place at the MSS on Tuesday, November 14th. Additionally, a local preview date will soon be announced, offering the Montserrat community a chance to experience the documentary on their home turf.

The UK premiere garnered an impressive attendance of 159 individuals at Hackney Picturehouse, with a substantial representation of Montserratians. The island’s culture and history were vividly brought to life on the cinema screen, resonated strongly with the diverse audience, a release from the MVO stated.

Following the screening, Jerely Browne and Professor David Pyle engaged with the audience, fielding questions about the documentary and the Curating Crises Project. The interactive session provided insights into the meticulous process of bringing Montserrat’s story to the forefront.

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Watch the film and the Q&A below.