Miss Teen Montserrat Delegates 2023

2023 Miss Teen Montserrat Delegates Present Platforms

In photo – Delegate #1 Jahniqueca Wilkins, Delegate #2 Narissa Farrell-Bramble, Delegate #3 China Marjoelle Thomas, and Delegate #4 Claricia Rodriguez Chambers.

Delegates in this year’s Miss Teen Montserrat pageant organised by Fenyx Creations made their platform presentations on Saturday afternoon at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

Vernaire Bass of 664 Connect Media moderated the closed event for sponsors and few supporters.

The four young women shared why they were passionate about their chosen cause and what they plan to do to support it.

Delegate #1 Jahniqueca Wilkins, sponsored by the St. Patrick’s Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. is focused on Homesteading and introducing more youth to agriculture.

Wilkins and her team have designed an initiative called HAPY – Homesteading Agricultural Program for Youth for people ages 16 to 30.
It would be a two-year program with agricultural science education available in year one at Montserrat Community College. In year two, successful students will have access to a 10,000 grant, a quarter acre of land and a 10-year lease to begin an agriculture venture.

The delegate told Discover Montserrat following the event that she has spoken with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Youth & Sports about the initiative presented. Anyone interested in learning more about HAPY can call 664-496-HAPY.

Delegate #2 Narissa Farrell-Bramble, sponsored by Aravins Enterprises Inc, is focused on the economic potential of sports tourism for Montserrat.

Farrell-Bramble’s presentation including data and feedback from young athletes expressing the limitations they encounter in pursuing a career in sports. She wants to work with the Tourism Division and the Department of Youth and Sports to promote possibilities for attracting more competitive events for young people.

The delegate said, the island should identify specific sports they wish to focus on, and more government support would be essential to ensure that athletes do not leave to compete under other country flags.

Delegate #3 China Marjoelle Thomas, by Mr. Gilmore Williams presented on the Impact of Music. In her presentation, she highlighted the psychological impact of negative and positive music.

Delegate #4 Claricia Rodriguez Chambers, sponsored by Victor’s Montserrat, wants to intertwine the magic of music and childcare.

She plans to launch an initiative to support the use of music to in early childhood and primary education.

Rodriguez Chambers shared her plans to host a Singing workshop called “Write your heart…Sing your soul” to empower students.

She also wants to visit early childhood centres and work with the facilitators to share music with the children. The delegate also hopes to run a drive to donate musical instruments to each early childhood centre’s music corner.

Each delegate is expected to spend at least six months working to promote their platform.

The scores from the platform presentation will move forward to the final event on December 22, 2023, at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.