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Jeans for Freedom in Little Bay

Over 400 Tourists Visit Montserrat on Jeans for Freedom

Montserrat welcomed and hosted the Jeans for Freedom ferry from Guadeloupe with 409 enthusiastic visitors on Saturday, December 2, 2023.

According to a release from the Montserrat Tourism Division, a welcome reception from tourism personnel and the musical talent of Lloyd “Bimsha” Francis started off the visit.

Bank of Montserrat operated a Bureau de Change service on site for currency exchanges and credit card transactions for our guests.

Visitors were able to explore Montserrat’s picturesque landscapes through engaging island tours, including the Buried City Tour, round-the-island tours, and visits to landmarks like the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Montserrat National Trust, Richmond Hill, Garibaldi Hill, and Jack Boy Hill.

Guadeloupe tourists in Little Bay

These excursions benefited taxi operators and tour guides who were all at maximum capacity. Off-road jeep tours with Chez Mango Villa provided an adventurous option, which was eagerly taken by some of the visitors.

In the afternoon, the tourists were entertained by Volcanic Steel Orchestra and the Emerald Shamiole Masquerade showcased the island’s traditional dance.

Souvenir vendors offered a diverse array of crafts from local artisans.

Mrs. Rosetta West-Gerald, Director of the Montserrat Tourism Division, noted that the Jeans for Freedom Ferry visit along with the day excursion also fosters a sense of connection and appreciation among locals and visitors. The Montserrat Tourism Division said it eagerly anticipates the return of the Jeans for Freedom ferry, which continues to bridge communities and celebrate the diversity of the Caribbean.

Guadeloupe tourists in Little Bay