Minister of Health Charles T. Kirnon at the handover ceremony.

Environmental Health Receives Public Bins Through ReMLit Project

Montserrat has received garbage bins as part of a regional project to curb marine litter.

On Friday, the Department of Environmental Health officially received through the Reduction in Marine Litter (ReMLit) project, which began in Montserrat in 2020. ReMLit is a project from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and funded by the Government of Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ministry of Health team!

Environmental Health said they have received 20 bins and 1500 bin liners which they anticipate will last a year.

Four of the bins, which have been branded with the ReMLit logo, will be placed in Carnival City in time for Saturday’s opening. The bins have locks and keys so that the public can only put in garbage that can fit through the hole and not big bags. 

The project designed by the department and funded through ReMLit was to assess and find a solution to the land-based pollutants which empty into the bays via the four ghauts which comprise Collin’s River and the persistent problem of beach pollution on both the Carr’s Bay and Little Bay beaches. 

The final part of the project will be the erection of signage to promote proper waste disposal practices.