Defense Force Members Complete Armourers Training

Two members of the Royal Montserrat Defense Force (RMDF) have completed an Initial Armourer’s Training Course conducted by instructors from the Bermuda Police Service.

A release from the RMDF said “Lieutenant Darion Darroux (also representing the MCRS) and Sergeant Melvin Lindsey along with members of staff from the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS) formed the participants of the course. This training was facilitated by the RMPS. The course was aimed towards allowing participants to have comprehensive knowledge of a selection of firearms. At the end of the course, participants were able to thoroughly grasp the functionality and mechanics of the weapons. This knowledge base included the disassembling of weapons to their component parts, performing higher levels of maintenance, identifying and diagnosing faults, making minor adjustments and developing related administrative systems,”

Because of the training the participants are now in a better position to guide the process of weapon purchases or replacements. Similarly, the participants
of the course are now able to certify the serviceability of weapons being utilized by the various organizations, the RMDF explained.

RMDF added that this initiative “speaks to the professional relationship between the various security-oriented organisations in Montserrat and this serves to increase the level of interoperability between the organizations involved.”