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Royal Montserrat Defence Force Honoured with Coronation Medals

In a special medal ceremony held today, ten members of the Royal Montserrat Defence Force (RMDF) and two distinguished police officers were honoured with Coronation medals for their roles during Operation Golden Orb, the official name for the Coronation event of King Charles III and the Queen Consort on 6 May 2023. This marked a significant occasion as it was only the second time the RMDF has participated in a coronation, continuing a proud tradition that began with Captain Cyril Taylor at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.

The RMDF and police personnel were part of the approximately 4,000 military and law enforcement participants from the UK Armed Forces, other British Overseas Territories, and Commonwealth nations in the ceremonial procession from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. This joint participation underscores the collaborative spirit and historical engagement in significant ceremonial events.

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The RMDF members recognised for their participation are:
• Lt Col Alvin Ryan
• Capt Colin Fergus
• 2Lt Carmencita Duberry
• WO1 Barry A.C. Williams
• Sgt Deverson Semper
• Sgt Melvin Lindsey
• Cpl Oswald West
• A/Cpl Corey Cameron
• A/L/Cpl Alison Richards
• Pte Princess Hixon

Additionally, Captain Glenroy Foster was awarded a Coronation medal for his leadership in conducting the 21 Gun Salute at Carr’s Bay, Montserrat, in commemoration of the Coronation. The two police officers who also performed critical duties during the event received their medals, acknowledging their vital contributions to the success of the ceremony.

This ceremony is the first in a series to distribute Coronation medals, which were specially minted for this occasion. The medals honour those in active service who have completed at least five years as of 6 May 2023, or who participated in Armed Forces and law enforcement Coronation events this year. Dates for future ceremonies will be announced subsequently.