Note – The ferry service has been discontinued until further notice as of September 30, 2020.

Montserrat is serviced daily by two airlines. Flight time between Montserrat and Antigua is roughly 20 minutes each way.

The Government of Montserrat now subsidises airline travel between Montserrat and Antigua. This has brought down the cost of airfare by XCD $300 roundtrip.



BMN Airways a subsidiary of SVG Air provides daily flights between the islands.

Book online here –>

Tel – 1-664-491-4200

Email –

Fly Montserrat

Fly Montserrat provides daily flights and medevacs between the islands.

Book online here –>

Tel – 1-664-491-3434


Persons requiring cargo services between Antigua and Montserrat should contact the Access Office at 491-4702 or 491-4703.

COVID-19 Travel Protocols

Persons allowed to travel to Montserrat are:

  1. Montserratians;
  2. Individuals who hold a permit of permanent residence;
  3. a person who is ordinarily resident in Montserrat;
  4. a member of the crew of an aircraft or ship (including freight, cargo or courier craft or vessel;
  5. husband, wife, child or other dependant of a Montserratian or permanent resident;
  6. non-resident technician, once permission has been granted for the person to disembark in Montserrat prior to travelling to Montserrat;
  7. any other person, as may be determined by the Minister for the purpose of the suppression of COVID-19.

However, persons must register to travel to Montserrat by completing and submitting the ‘Access Declaration Form’ at least 72 hours  or three days prior to the expected date of arrival.  Additionally, entry into Montserrat will only be allowed through air access at the John A. Osborne Airport.  The electronic ‘Access Declaration form’  is available here….

During the travel and arrival process, several protocols are also in place to minimise the potential risk of exposure to COVID-19.  The protocols which must be followed, are as follows:

  1. All persons must wear a mask or face covering on the aircraft, and while being processed at the Airport.
  2. Upon arrival, Health Officials will screen passengers before allowing them to process through immigration.  The screening process will include officials asking questions regarding one’s travel history, address/place of residence for the last 14 days, accommodation arrangements while on Montserrat and transportation arrangements from the Airport to the home address on Montserrat.
  3. Temperature checks will also be conducted.
  4. All persons arriving on Montserrat will be required to self-quarantine for 14-days; the host and family may also be required to self-quarantine.  Following the assessment, the Ministry of Health will make a determination and indicate whether or not the entire household should also be quarantined.

The only exception to the self-quarantine requirement is for a non-resident technician, who is only allowed to travel to and from the place where he is undertaking work as a non-resident technician;  wear a mask at all times;  practice social distancing while at the place where he is undertaking work; and remain at his place of occupancy at all times except when travelling to and from the place where he is undertaking work as a non-resident technician.

Persons arriving on Montserrat are reminded that in accordance with the Public Health Order they may be subjected to medical examinations.   Medical Officers are authorized to:

  1. Conduct clinical examinations, and
  2. Isolate any person who is considered to be high risk of being infected with COVID-19.

The full S.RO. 36 of 2020 can be read on the government website, at the following link: