Volcano Catch Fishing Tournament Starts Today

MARINE VILLAGE – We hope you’re ready to go fishing this weekend at the Montserrat Volcano Fishing Tournament & Regatta, which starts this evening in Little Bay.

Organised by Jermaine Wade of Fabulous Entertainment, EC$20,000 in cash prizes is available for the fishermen who can bring in the winning catch in more than 15 categories.

Even if you don’t have a boat you can register for $50 in the shoreline fishing and spear fishing categories. Visit Bitter End Bar in Marine Village on Friday or anytime on Saturday to join in.

The launch party is scheduled to start at 6PM at the Bitten End Bar also known as Moose’s Place. Be sure to hang around for the great vibes, music all week long and the seafood festival on Monday May 4, 2015.

Here’s a full list of the categories and cash prizes for the winners.

Category Prizes
Champion Boat – Most Poundage EC$5,000.00
Champion Boat 1st runner up by poundage EC$3,000.00
Champion boat – 25’ and under by poundage
Champion boat – 1st 25’ and under by poundage
Most Lion Fish Caught by poundage EC$1,000.00
Most Fish in Pot by poundage EC$1,000.00
Largest Marlin over 300lbs EC$1000.00
Largest Fish – Youngest shoreline fisher
Largest Fish – Youngest angler male/female
Most shoreline Fish caught EC$250.00
Largest Tuna by poundage EC$500.00
2nd Largest Tuna by poundage EC$250.00
Largest Wahoo by poundage EC$500.00
2nd Largest Wahoo by poundage EC$250.00
Largest King Fish by poundage EC$500.00
2nd Largest King Fish by poundage EC$250.00
Largest Dolphin “Mahi Mahi” by poundage EC$500.00
2nd Largest Dolphin “Mahi Mahi by poundage EC$250.00
Largest Fish Caught by Spear EC$250.00