Rendezvous Voted Montserrat's Best Beach

Rendezvous Beach voted Best Beach on Montserrat by readers.
Rendezvous Beach voted Best Beach on Montserrat by readers.

It seems that our readers love the seclusion of this week’s winner.

Rendezvous Beach was voted the island’s best beach in our Best of Montserrat poll.

29.4% of voters gave it the top spot with 23% saying Woodlands was next in line.

Other winners which got more than 10% of the votes were Bunkum Bay, Isles Bay, Foxes Bay, and Little Bay.

Rendezvous Beach can only be reached by boat or taking a pretty challenging hike over the hill from Little Bay and down into this hidden bit of paradise.

There are no water or toilet amenities or shops around so take what you need to enjoy your time there.

One new discovery during this poll was the growing popularity of Bora Bora, which was created following the 2010 eruptions. The beach, which is located on the left on the way to Jack Boy Hill, takes a bit of a trek to get to but according to respondents it is worth the drive and short climb.

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