Aqua Montserrat Offering FREE Swimming Classes

Vita Wade of Aqua Montserrat is encouraging everyone to learn how to swim.
Vita Wade of Aqua Montserrat is encouraging everyone to learn how to swim.

LITTLE BAY – One local company is providing an opportunity for residents to get over their fear of the water and learn to swim.

Following the news that a father died while attempting to save his child, Vita Wade head of AQUA Montserrat, extend sincere sympathies to the family. She added that her company has “always been concerned by the fact that few local families know how to swim” and  encouraged residents to take advantage of the free swim session at Little Bay.

“Being Montserratian myself, I know what it is like to grow up not knowing how to swim and with elders in our villages feeling that the sea was too dangerous a place to be. However, as I grew older I realized that the tremendous benefits and life skills that are offered via the ability to swim,” Wade revealed.

“Our island is surrounded by breathtaking underwater views, species and marine life. It’s time for us all to get to know this side of our island, in a safe and controlled environment. It is time for us to be able to swim, and dispel the notion that island people either do not like the water or simply do not know how to swim,” she added.

Since summer of 2014, Vita and her team of highly competent swimmer, rescue divers, and fishermen, who have practically grown up in the sea, has been providing free swimming sessions as well as other water-based services to patrons.

“This is part of the reason why I do what I do with AQUA, to encourage our community to learn to swim competently and understand how to be safe while swimming or save a life if necessary.”

AQUA Montserrat will be inviting trained experts to cover areas such as CPR and rescue dive tips. Local kids within the ages of 7-14 have the opportunity of joining their Fish N Fins Club starting this summer and adults can learn to swim with the AQUA Snorkel Club.

Swim aids and flotations devices are available.

Wade is encouraging competent swimmers or trained swim instructors on island to volunteer in support of the movement to teach more people to swim. Email for more details.