Art Exhibition Coming to Montserrat Festival Line-Up

11-25-15-MAC-All4Four local artists will be featured during the first edition of MAC4 this December.
According to a release from the Montserrat Arts Council, MAC4 will present four artists who work in diverse media.
In association with the Montserrat National Trust, the exhibition will feature the work of:

  • Franklyn Farrell “Franki”, who works with indigenous materials mined from the mountains of Montserrat.
  • Premier Donaldson Romeo; using charred sticks of wood, he creates realistic renderings of people and vistas on paper.
  • Everlyn White, an adroit hand with pin or needle, she works with fabric and threads to create decorative masterpieces to adorn or display.
  • Vanastel Hussey “Eze Bongo” is a talented and creative wood whisperer. He works with premium woods (often scavenged from his back yard in New York) to create decorative and functional pieces of art.

The art council intends that this inaugural event will pave the way for an annual celebration of our visual artists working on Montserrat and abroad.

The exhibition opens on Friday 18th December at 10AM at the Montserrat National Trust in Salem and runs for the duration of Festival 2015.

Tradewinds Real Estate and Emerald City Shipping are the two major sponsors of this event.