Arts Council to Hold Festival Review Meeting

A cross section of stakeholders are being invited to meet with the Montserrat Arts Council next week to discuss the recently concluded festival.

The council has responsibility of the Montserrat Annual Festival which was held from December 18, 2015 to January 1, 2016.

MAC has already begun working on the upcoming year end festival and has been gathering feedback on how it can be more streamlined to make it more attractive to overseas visitors.

On a recent radio programme on ZJB, music producer and promote Kulcha Don said the festival needs a more long term strategy in order for it to be of benefit to Montserrat. Ozzy Carty, a national living in New York added that the issues of travelling by ferry are the same from year to year and this is not a good first impression for nationals who are returning.

The council said it will make an official statement following the review. A preliminary schedule for the 2016 festival is also expected to be available by that time.

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