Arts Council Releases Compact Schedule for Festival 2016

Draft Calendar for Montserrat Festival 2016
Draft Calendar for Montserrat Festival 2016

As promised by the Montserrat Arts Council, a draft festival calendar for this December was released today.

The calendar reflects a new approach with the primary festival events compressed into 11 days with private shows taking place before and after.

Head of Planning and Production Kenneth Silcott said the calendar was released early to help people to plan their time around the end of year festival. It is also in an effort to ensure proper promotion is given to the popular year end activity.

“It is hoped with collaboration with the Tourism unit that we will be able to push the festival in selected print periodicals as well as social media. These are already in development and will roll out throughout the year,” Silcott revealed.

Parade Day would fall on January 2, 2017 as the first is a Sunday.

Promoters wishing to be added to the calendar are encouraged to contact the arts council early to reserve their dates.