Ranking as on Jan 18, 2016.

Aqua Montserrat is #1 for Top 10 Things to Do on Trip Advisor

Ranking as on Jan 18, 2016.
Ranking as on Jan 18, 2016.

TripAdvisor currently ranks locally owned watersports company Aqua Montserrat as the #1 thing to do on island for outdoor activities.
The ranking was taken on Monday morning on their Top 10 listing for island activities.
“Great snorkeling lots to see. A must for visitors to the Emerald Isle” was one review title from a satisfied customer. Another called Aqua a “Friendly authentic snorkeling experience”.
TripAdvisor is the most popular resource for travelers today to learn about destinations they want to visit and to share photos and feedback on what they enjoyed or disliked about their experience.

Media Strategist Nerissa Golden said more Montserrat businesses need to take advantage of the review site to give clients the chance to spread the word about the various things to do on island and help travelers to plan their visit.

One important thing to note is that businesses who want to take control of their TripAdvisor presence must have an active website as well as a physical address.

“Travelers are no longer expected to go on the word of their travel agent alone. They want to know what other people think about a location or activity before they pay for it. TripAdvisor is now a key source for ensuring that people can learn about the great services you offer,” Golden noted.

The other activities in the top 10 are:
#2 Soufriere Hills Volcano
#3 Sun’s Montserrat Island Day Tours – Offered via Windstar
#4 Montserrat Volcano Observatory
#5 Rendezvous Beach
#6 Scuba Montserrat
#7 Jack Boy Hill
#8 Green Monkey Dive Shop (Now closed)
#9 Montserrat National Trust
#10 Cot Trail

Golden also encourages businesses online to say thank you on each review or find a way to appreciate the feedback when negative and use it to improve their service and products.

Aqua Montserrat offers various water sports excursions including snorkeling, swimming lessons, kayaking to Rendezvous Bay and more.