A portion of the crowd at the opening of the St Patrick's Festival on Thursday night in Salem.

More than 200 Festival Goers Make it Home Via Air Charters

There are still more than 220 people on Antigua tonight who hoped to make it home in time to enjoy the opening night of the St. Patrick’s Festival.

Access Coordinator David Duberry apologised publicly at the opening ceremony to the many who were unable to make it home due to the rough seas which have been plaguing much of the Caribbean this week.

He told Discover Montserrat that more than 200 were able to come in via air charters with Fly Montserrat and SVG Air today. The planes continued throughout the afternoon until the airport closed as it night flights are not accommodated.

Those on Antigua are staying with family and friends, at Heritage Hotel, Carters, Joe Mikes and other small inns.

The plan for Friday is to use both the Caribe Sun ferry and the Jeans for Freedom ferry which is scheduled to be ready to service the island from about 1PM. Duberry said there are no immediate plans to run more air charters as the waters have subsided and the ferry captains are prepared to make the trips.

In addition to the 220 who arrived in Antigua on Thursday, an additional 300 plus are scheduled to arrive from US and UK flights on Friday afternoon.

The coordinator said he was hopeful that the seas will be cooperative and allow both ferries to bring everyone home on Friday.