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Antigua Ferry Terminal

Peak Numbers Expected Today, However Ferry Service A Challenge

Local Access Coordinator David Duberry says they are working to find a solution to bring more than 500 passengers to the island today.

Duberry said that the high seas which are currently plaguing the Caribbean is the challenge. Seas have been up to 12 feet high and currently between seven to 10 feet.

He told ZJB Radio Montserrat this morning that they are looking for alternatives to the ferry service provided by Caribe Sun. They are speaking with ferry operators in the British Virgin Islands and Guadeloupe, however the weather remains the challenge.

They are also working with SVG Air and Fly Montserrat to run chartered flights to accommodate the numbers. Captain Nigel Harris of Fly Montserrat has already operated two extra flights this morning to bring in people.

Harris said they need a structure to help with planning and realistic numbers of how many people need to get to Montserrat. Extra flights are also being added to bring down luggage.

Passengers are asked to call Fly Montserrat – 664-491-3434 to coordinate travel.

The access coordinator has said using Port Plymouth which is currently very calm is an option. However, the Caribe Sun cannot dock there due to height differences. The Guadeloupe ferry is an option but no agreement has been finalised.

The Wind Factor

Anguilla Airways has been reluctant to support the government’s request as they are concerned about the wind factor.

WINAIR, which previously ran scheduled flights to the island said it does not have pilots currently licensed to come into Montserrat’s John A.Osborne Airport as retraining is required.

We will provide updates throughout the day as we receive them.

Also listen to as that is the main source of how officials are currently sharing information on the situation.

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