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Students Perform 10pts Higher than Region in Primary Exit Exam

Results are in for the 2016 Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) and local officials are pleased.

Sixth grade students from the four primary schools took the exams and received an average score in Montserrat  of 341 points out of a possible 500.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Education, this average is 10 points higher than the regional average. “This compares favourably with last year’s results when Montserrat was 13 points below the average for the region. This suggests that the Grade 6 students this year are comparable with other children of their age group across the region,” the release noted.

The average score for St Augustine is 392; Brades Primary’s average was 327; Look Out Primary was 307 and Lighthouse Academy was 298.

58 or 87% of the students in Montserrat scored more than half of the available points. This measure last year was 83%.

Of the 20 positions, 14 are at St Augustine, 5 are at Brades, 2 are at Look Out Primary and 1 at Lighthouse Academy.

The 5 top performing students were all from St Augustine in the following order:

1. Shay-Reese Chambers

2. Mohit Sadhwani

3. Thanmay Gopal

4. Jermahri Meade

5. Rajni Tolan

The Ministry congratulates all of the schools and all of the students for their efforts.