Montserrat's Annual Festival Officially Opens Tonight

Masquerades are a tradition at the Opening of Montserrat Festival.

Although there have been activities all month long in connection with festival season, the official opening of Montserrat’s Annual Festival is tonight, Friday December 23, 2016 at the Festival Village in Little Bay.

The Montserrat Arts Council made the decision in 2015 to shorten the official festival calendar to bring the main events into a 10-day window which would facilitate overseas visitors.

The official ceremony starts tonight at 6PM and will be followed by the semi-finals of the calypso competition at 8PM. Pulse featuring Nia Golden will give a Half-Time performance at 7PM.

Scheduled to appear are the Director of MAC Chadd Cumberbatch, the Matrixx Dancers, the masqueraders, Rude Boyz String Band, Miss Goosie and more.

Entrance is free for the opening.

Expect fireworks!

You can watch the opening here live…