MV Shamrock

Temporary Marine Vessel for Police Service

Montserrat is the get the use of a rigid inflatable boat until a new police vessel is procured, says Her Excellency the Governor Elizabeth Carriere.

Speaking to the local press corp on Wednesday, June 28, Governor Carriere said work continues to acquire a new police vessel to replace the Shamrock, which has been on dry dock for more than one year now.

“I am pleased to say that the tender process has been positive and we hope to enter contract negotiations soon. I cannot give any details of the bidder or the specification of the boat until the contract has been awarded.  What I can say is that the vessel will be a substantial upgrade of the capability which has been provided by Shamrock.  It will be able to operate in heavy seas and over extended periods.  It will include cooking and sleeping facilities and will carry a small four-metre rigid inflatable boat on board.  The ambition remains for it to be in Montserrat by the end of this year or, at the latest, in January,” Governor Carriere shared.

“In the meantime as a stop gap to meet Montserrat’s immediate safety and security needs, a rigid inflatable boat approximately five metres long, formerly forming part of the fleet operated by the UK Royal National Lifeboat Institute, will arrive in Montserrat in early August.  It will be able to operate inshore and provide basic marine search and rescue and law enforcement capability.  It will be on loan to the Government of Montserrat until the arrival of the main vessel.  After that it will be transferred to the Cayman Islands.  Let me stress that this boat is not the substantive replacement for Shamrock.”