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Scene from the Silk Cotton Theatre Company's 2016 production.

New Play Coming From Silk Cotton Theatre Company Presents

Theatre lovers will be happy to learn that the Silk Cotton Theatre Company will bring a new production to them soon.

In collaboration with the Montserrat Arts Council, the theatre group will present “My Birthright” on Saturday 28th October, 2017.
The Silk Cotton Theatre Company was formed in 2016 and is made up of individuals interested in all aspects of theatre including acting, producing, costuming and lighting & sound engineering.
According to the MAC, last year’s production “One Night, 3 Plays” was well received and featured the Company in two consecutive nights of drama, each night inclusive of three plays. Following last year’s successful debut, this year’s production is eagerly anticipated.
“My Birthright” seeks to highlight sibling rivalry and the age old issue of taking care of our elderly. After abandoning her family and the life she knew, Mary returns home after ten years upon pending death of her mother. Mary has only one thing on her mind…claiming her birthright.”
This year’s production takes place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October, 2017. In true Arts Council fashion, the opening night will be Gala style while the following night will be a regular viewing of the play. To reserve Gala tickets, patrons can visit the Arts Council office upstairs the Little Bay Public Market or call 491-8555 or 8556.