Sir Howard Fergus Dropping New Poetry Gems

Poet, Sir Howard Fergus

If you’re lucky enough to be friends with Sir Howard Fergus PhD on Facebook then I am sure you’ve been enjoying his recent poetic stream that has been flowing faster than Runway Ghaut.

Today’s lyrical treat is Power and is his view of the last press conference hosted by H.E. the Governor Elizabeth Carriere and featured comments from the visiting Deputy Head of the Department for International Development (DFID).


In my naivety I thought a press conference
was a means to press our bosses,
but this one accented losses
in the limited power we had to rule ourselves;
but there is the tune and piper thing.
I bite my tongue and sing God save the king,
Elizabeth, I mean.

You soon get pregnant near to vomit
on a diet of reasonable needs and the next step
left to government, Don et al this time.
The million consonants and many syllables
are a ploy to offer nothing much
as if we don’t know English and redundancy,
don’t know how to read between the lines,
as if we went to school in August.

We can at least look forward to be educated
by the Governor on the compass of her powers
with enough I hope left over,
so in the next step to White Hall, we do not have cower.

Hers is an interesting choice of subject
in the aftermath of powerful Maria.
I look forward to compare her findings
with the deeds of Thomas Warner.


Here’s another that he wrote after the passing of Hurricane Maria on September 29.


My half a dozen mango trees
stoutly withstood the vehemence,
the sunless flailing
of two forbidding hurricanes
and hardly lost a limb;
while lesser folks like soursop
and almond playthings of the wind
prostrated, shedding body parts.

For future storms which come these moons
as regular as sabbath,
I adopt a mango tree mentality
to keep more or less intact, my heart and limb
and not succumb to her or him;
and there is far more sweetness.

*Power and Mango Mentality are the creative works of Sir Howard Fergus.

We know are new collection is on the way and we will tell you as soon as he lets us know.