HE Governor Carriere Ends Tour of Duty on January 2

Constable Eunice Pond gets pinned by Governor Carriere

Her Excellency the Governor, Elizabeth Carriere, will depart Montserrat at the end of her term of office on Tuesday 2 January.
She will leave from the John A Osborne airport on a Fly Montserrat flight to Antigua at 4.30PM. Prior to her departure she will say goodbye to members of Cabinet and senior government officials before inspecting her final guard of honour by the Royal Montserrat Police Service (and Royal Montserrat Defence Force).
Her Excellency realises that her departure coincides with the Festival Day parade and activities and regrets any inconvenience this causes to the organisers, the police and others.
Anyone wishing to see the Governor off and say a final goodbye should be at the airport by 3.30pm.

Governor Carriere shows off the baton to students.

From 2 January and until the new Governor, Mr Andrew Pearce, arrives, Mrs Lyndell Simpson will act as Governor. We will make a further announcement about the arrival of Mr and Mrs Pearce in January.