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Nerissa Golden Releases In Plain Sight, a Romantic Suspense Novel

Author Nerissa Golden has released the second book in the Return to Love series, In Plain Sight.

Friends and business women Roxie, Bella, and Monique are back in book two of the Return to Love Series. In Plain Sight features two of the minor characters featured in book one Love’s Sweet Joy.

Nikki Alvarez worked alongside Monique Sinclair to get her business going after a devastating fire. Now, she is the focus of our hero’s attention and that of someone she would rather forget.

Dane Maartens is a divorced father of two who gets hired to move to Montserrat and be a trainer for the police service. While he expects there will be lots of work to do, he doesn’t expect what washes up on the beach. He quickly realizes it could be devastating to the island paradise of Montserrat.

“Nikki featured in book one but at the time I had no idea she would be the perfect lady for our new police trainer Dane. It is always a lot of fun to bring the people in my head to life. What is the challenge is to let them evolve in the way they need to. It took some time for me to see Nikki as more than someone who needs to be rescued but could play a part in rescuing herself,” shared Golden.

In Plain Sight continues the authors vision to mix business with romance in a beautiful Caribbean destination. All of the women characters are entrepreneurs and actively work to support each other to not just be in business but to grow.

“I hope readers love learning how Monique’s cafe My Sweet Tooth has made a comeback since the first novel,” Golden, who is also a business mentor said. “Over and over we’ve just got to be willing to dream and then do the work to bring the dreams to life. I do hope people enjoy that about these women.”

In Plain Sight is now available to order from for Kindle and Print.

About the Book:

Nikki Alvarez thought Montserrat was the best place to disappear and start life over. But her past has followed her to the tropical paradise in the most sinister of ways.
Being a police trainer on an island with minimal crime seemed an easy win for Dane Maartens, who wants nothing more than to raise his boys in peace. But trouble is washing up on the shore and his beautiful new nanny has secrets which could solve the mystery. Will she trust him to protect her heart and with the truth?

Pages: 270