Ferry Service Cancelled For Thursday Feb 22

Rough Seas – Little Bay

On Thursday 22nd February 2018 the seas are expected to be at a hazardous state which has prompted the Access Division to cancel the service due to safety precautions.

The waves at open sea between Montserrat and Antigua will be around 11 to 12 feet which is considered extremely rough for passenger travel. Conditions are expected to subside by Friday 23rd February 2018.

On Thursday, passengers who have booked in advance will be transferred by plane both in and out of the island. Passengers who are not booked will be required to pay the regular airfare. All Passengers will be required to pay the air travel taxes.

The travelling public are asked to contact the Ferry Agents in Montserrat – Mr Jemmotte – 1 664 496 9912 and in Antigua – Jennifer Burke – 1 268 778 9786/ 722 8188 to be placed on a flight.