Fill Out Your Immigration Forms Early to Minimise Processing Time

Officials from the Internal Border Security Unit (IBSU) are strongly advising travellers to complete their immigration forms before arriving on Montserrat.

Due to the large number of visitors expected to travel to Montserrat for the upcoming St Patrick’s Festival celebrations, having the forms completed before entering the arrival and customs halls at the airport and ferry is essential.
Officer Antonette Johnson said on Facebook that “all persons travelling to Montserrat to please follow the guidelines of filling out all areas of the ED cards for both Customs and Immigration. In doing so it would make it more easier for the passengers not to be asked to go back fill out the necessary fields. If the family is big it is required that an ED card is filled for all and at the back of the form for Customs make sure the head of the family declare for all children under the age of 18. It is very essential for passengers coming to fill the Departure record.”

The departure record is the bottom of the card which states the details of when and how you will be leaving the island.

The forms are usually handed over when checking in at the airline counters in Antigua or the ferry terminal. If you do not receive one please ask for one.

The Customs and Immigration departments were amalgamated in 2014 to create the Internal Border Security Unit (IBSU) to provide a more pleasant and tourism-friendly environment for residents and visitors.