March Montserrat & Hurricane Poems, a New Collection from Sir Howard Fergus

Dr Howard Fergus

Sir Howard Fergus has released a new collection of poems. March Montserrat & Hurricane Poems contains more than 100 poems, which takes us from the cold streets of England to warm and breezy nights in Montserrat.

Fergus shared that over the past 18 months he’s been experiencing an unusual ability to write poems more fluidly and quickly. This he said, enabled him to capture moments of life on Montserrat as well as a short period of time he spent in England in 2017.

This new collection of poems sets us in the midst of hurricanes, volcanoes, election campaigns and royal romance, sports legends, cultural celebrations and community heroes. With his wit and words, the stately gentleman immortalizes young innovators such as the 4th Dymension team in Virtual Montserrat. He pays tribute to his wife Lady Eudora Fergus as well as his grandchildren. Dr. Fergus also manages to turn social media interactions into fodder for poems.

During the 2018 St Patrick’s Festival, he took the time to share his work at readings at the local library, the 1768 play by the Silk Cotton Theatre Company and at other community events.

March Montserrat & Hurricane Poems is available locally and on