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Jaden Sun

Arrangements for Travelling by Ferry on Tuesday, March 20

The Access Division has released details on ferry travel for Tuesday, March 20 as visitors for the St Patrick’s Festival are preparing to return home.

Individuals planning to travel to Antigua tomorrow, Tuesday, March 20, especially those with connections, are asked to travel on the Ferry Service in the morning.  The ferry will depart at 0600 and customers are asked to be available for check in as early as 0430. 

The first vessel, ‘MV Lovely 1’, will depart at 0600. and can accommodate 300 plus customers with luggage. 

The second vessel, ‘MV Jaden Sun’, will depart at 1700 hrs (5:00PM) from Montserrat to Antigua and return in the evening, leaving Antigua at 1930 hrs (7:30PM).

“We encourage all customers to exercise patience as we expect quite a lot of people to be processed for departure. The staff on hand will be doing their very best to accommodate all travelers,” says a release from the Access Division.

Listen to ZJB Radion Montserrat for further updates regarding both sea and air travel. 

Contact details for ferry agents in Montserrat and Antigua are as follows:


Mr  Jemmotte 


Jennifer Burke