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ABS Team On Montserrat Tour.  Photo Credit: Tourism Division

Tourism Division Hosts Antigua TV Crew on Fam Trip

The Tourism Division, within the Office of the Premier, this week hosted a four-member team from the Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting Services (ABS) for a Montserrat familiarisation visit.  

ABS Team On Montserrat Tour.  Photo Credit: Tourism Division

The team including Host and Producer of Antigua Barbuda Today, Patrice Martin; Host, Steve ‘Ibis’ Freeland; Audio Visual Manager, Marlon Carr; and Graphic Designer, Steven Mullings arrived on island on Tuesday morning for their Montserrat experience.   According to a release from the Government Information Unit, the Tourism Division organised a number of activities for the ABS Team to participate in, as part of efforts to ensure that individuals in the neighbouring island are aware of Montserrat’s tourism offerings.

Marketing Officer, Cherise Aymer said, “We want our neighbors in Antigua to get a taste of the potential that Montserrat has to offer as a vacation option in terms of our attractions, places to stay, festivals and things to do. We want the visitors to Antigua to discover the best of both worlds by combining their Antigua Holiday with a Montserrat experience. We want the schools to send their science, geography or geology students to learn firsthand about our natural phenomenon.”

Ms. Aymer also noted that tourists are attracted to places for different reasons and even if Montserrat is not an immediate choice by some, once here, they are often captivated by the island itself. “Montserrat may not be everyone’s cup of tea at first thought but once they visit Montserrat they realise how Big we are in heart, and rich in natural, untouched beauty,” stated Ms. Aymer.

While on island, the team experienced the ‘Half Island Tour of the Southern Side’ which included visits to the Montserrat Volcano Observatory (MVO), the Plymouth (Buried City) Star Attraction and Garibaldi Hill. Other activities included, a short hike with Scriber’s Adventures; a Coastal Boat Tour; Snorkeling Trip with Scuba Montserrat and a Spa Treatment.

During their time here, the team also filmed a segment for the ‘Good Morning Antigua & Barbuda Show’ on Thursday May 10, which featured an interview with the the Honourable Deputy Premier, Delmaude Ryan.

The ABS Team left the island on Thursday afternoon.