Freedom 2 Write Poetry Winners Receive Prizes

The winners of the Freedom 2 Write poetry competition received their prizes at the Montserrat Arts Council (MAC) office today.

The competition was a collaboration between the MAC and the Montserrat Public Library. Both MAC Director Chadd Cumberbatch and Librarian Sonja Smith expressed their gratitude to the participants and congratulated them on their winning pieces.

Cumberbatch said they plan to repeat the competition in 2019, adding that a poetry writing workshop will be organised to help the aspiring poets grow in their craft.

Winners of the Freedom 2 Write Poetry Competition with Director of the Montserrat Arts Council Chadd Cumberbatch and Librarian Sonja Smith.

The winners are as follows:
7-12 years old
1st Place – Liana Green
2nd Place – Kiyana Allen
3rd Place – Abigail Hillocks

13-16 years old
1st Place – Abdeer Rahim
2nd Place – Shania Weekes
3rd Place – Asma Muhammed

17+ years old
1st Place – Laverne Ryner
2nd Place – Laurian Brand
3rd Place – Laurian Brand