Veta Wade Photo of Montserrat from Silver Hills.

Hike Caribbean Includes Montserrat Experience

Travelers in search of the ultimate hiking experience will now be able to visit Montserrat through packages being offered by Hike Caribbean.

The newcomer to the tour market is promoting opportunities which would allow hikers to visit Montserrat along with Guadeloupe and Antigua.

Its 14-day Three Islands, Three Cultures trip combines diverse trails on British-influenced Antigua, French-flavoured Guadeloupe and volcanically volatile Montserrat. Highlights include summitting Antigua’s Boggy Peak and climbing 4,813ft La Soufrière, zenith of the Lesser Antilles.

Trails highlighted on their website include Oriole Walkway, Blackwood Allen and Rendezvous.

Packages start at £3,195, including B&B accommodation and internal flights. International flights cost extra. Departures year round. Hike Caribbean (0333 987 4694;