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Diandra Doman

Delegates’ Photos for Crowning of a Queen Released

Diandra Doman

The identities of the three women competing to be Miss Montserrat were revealed on Friday.

It has been three years since a queen show as held as part of the annual cultural celebration. The show has been renamed The Crowning of a Queen and will feature three women in an evening of culture and pageantry, slated for Friday, December 28 at Festival City, Little Bay.

Photos taken by VIP Media and a brief bio of each young woman were revealed on the festival’s Facebook page.

Delegate #1

Diandra Doman was born on December 23, 1996 in beautiful Jamaica. Since 2016, she has embraced Montserrat as her home.
A woman of varied interests; Diandra’s passions include health and fitness, music, pageantry and a love for numbers. The latter has fueled her drive to one day becoming a Chartered Accountant.
Diandra best describes herself as a mild mannered individual with a spirit of helpfulness and the tenacity of a tigress.

Vanice Tuitt

Delegate #2

Jovial, graceful and adventurous are adjectives that encapsulate twenty-one (21) year old Vanice Tuitt. Miss Tuitt enjoys spending time with her family and friends, volunteering, listening to music, modelling and her most recent favourite, swimming. She also considers herself a Pageant Lover.

This is so because she has participated in various pageants, with the very first being the St. Johns Action Club Princess Show. Also, Vanice has chaperoned and assisted contestants for different shows as well as aided in the production of Sunrise Productions Teen Pageant. With these experiences, it has always been the dream of Miss Tuitt to participate in Miss Montserrat Pageant which will aid in holistic self-development.

Delegate #3

A precious Capricorn gem, Janet Cassandra Turner was born in the lovely Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica.

Eleven years later she migrated to Montserrat, which she calls her second home. Here she continued her Primary Education at the Lookout Primary School and then unto the Montserrat Secondary School.

Her ardent sacrifices resulted in 6 O’level subjects, including Mathematics and English.

With a desire and passion to acquire higher education, she enrolled at the Montserrat Community College where she graduated with 7 A ‘levels.

Janet Turner

Currently she works at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, where she started shortly after graduating College. Her role within the office entails providing administrative services and legal assistance to the legal team.

She aspires to become a successful Entrepreneur as a renowned Event Planner. With a mission of achieving her dreams, Janet is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a Major in Tourism and Hospitality Management, through the UWI Open Campus.