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Nikeisha Scotland Tops Montserrat Secondary Class of 2019

Architect and techpreneur Linda Dias was the keynote speaker at the 2019 MSS graduation.
The chemistry class gave their teacher Mr Scantlebury a T-shirt to express their appreciation for him. The T-shirt slogan is an inside joke.
MSS Graduate Nia St. Claire received the Service Above Self Award from the Rotary Club of Montserrat. In photo: President Elect Linda A.S. Dias, Nia St. Claire, and Rotary President Jermaine Wade.

Nikeisha Scotland copped more than a dozen prizes at Wednesday’s graduation ceremony for the Montserrat Secondary School.

Hundreds packed the Montserrat Cultural Centre to celebrate the 60 students in the Class of 2019. Despite a principal’s report which showed a challenging year at the school, with lower CXC passes and the loss of two critical buildings on the campus, students were in high spirits as they waited to turn their tassels.

The ceremony was ably chaired by Jasmine Jno-Baptiste while, the MSS band led by McCloyd White, provided music for the event.

Keynote Speaker Linda Dias gave a witty and timely word. “Some of you may be heading off to sixth form, or university, or delving right into the working world. Whichever path you choose, always ensure that you are happy. If you’re unsatisfied, change it.

“Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and consider new routes to your success. If you’re a lawyer who wants to be a scientist, do it. If you’re a mechanic who wants to get into basket-making…why not? If you’re an accountant, who wants to delve into lion-taming – go for it! Just, make sure you know what you’re doing first. Please don’t jump into the lion’s den first then realize “blimey, I didn’t do enough training or research about this!”

“…I’m an Architect who just started a tech company this year for a mobile app for performers in the music industry. Now, the interesting thing about this is that I am not an app developer…and I have about as much musical talent as turtle. But, I had an idea for an app, and I decided to pursue that idea. I did my research, I consulted the right people for feedback, and now, that same app named Bodio is a multi-award winning mobile app recognized by musical artists around the world.  I’ll say it again: don’t be restricted by your academics, your abilities, nor of your social status.

“Each of you are leaving here today a graduate of the Montserrat Secondary School. You now have in your hands, the power to do anything that you want in life. You have the power to make a difference in this world. So do it. Just remember that with this gift of power, it is expected that you dream, you believe, and you achieve,” Dias encouraged.

Salutatorian Tiffany Weekes with her track coach Wilston “Scottie” Scotland, who is the valedictorian Nikeisha Scotland’s dad.

Dias, who is also a comic book fan, gamer and lover of superheroes ended with wise words from Spiderman’s Uncle Ben: “With great power, comes great responsibility” and Spock “Congratulations class of 2019. Live long and prosper.”

In her valedictory Nikeisha Scotland had no flowery words for the school. She used her brief speech to identify other challenges which included lack of teachers, teachers who were not qualified to do so and limited supplies. She expressed gratitude to the teachers who supported their learning and encouraged her classmates to be brave as they walked into an unknown future.

Scotland was the top student in the 5-1 class. She also copped the following prizes:

  • Most Outstanding – Mathematics (5-1)
  • Most Outstanding – English
  • Most Outstanding – Spanish
  • Most Outstanding – Chemistry
  • Most Outstanding -Biology
  • Most Outstanding – Physics
  • Most Outstanding – Visual Arts
  • Top Female Sports Student for Core Components
  • Overall Science Student
  • Top Female Student
  • Valedictorian Award
  • Premier’s Valedictorian Award

More award winners

  • Rhonda Allen
    • Most Outstanding – EDPM
    • Most Outstanding – Theatre Arts
  • Tevique Benjamin
    • Most Outstanding – Social Studies (5-1)
    • Top Male Student for Core Components – PE & Sports Award
  • Alberto Benn
    • Most Diligent – Mathematics (5-4)
    • Most Committed – Music
    • Hard Working – Building Construction
    • Most Determined
  • Antonio Brown
    • Most Outstanding – Mathematics (5-3)
    • Most Outstanding – Integrated Science (5-3)
    • Campbell Award for Leadership
  • Chamique Corbett – Most Consistent – Social Studies (5-3)
  • Akyla Davis
    • Most Improved – French
    • Most Outstanding – Accounts
    • Most Outstanding – Business
    • Overall Business Student
  • Sarline Gibbons – Exemplary Leadership
  • Treola Greene
    • #1 – Form 5-3
    • Most Diligent – Mathematics (5-3)
    • Overall Humanities Student
  • Stephan Harris – Diligent – Electronic & Electrical Tech.
  • Tyrese Herdsman – Top Boy – Sports
  • Serina Laird
    • Dedicated and Consistent – Mathematics (5-2)
    • Most Diligent – Social Studies (5-2)
    • Most Outstanding – Office Administration
    • Outstanding Student – Theatre Arts
    • #1 – Form 5-2
  • Jwane Lewis – #2 – Form 5-3
  • Tavier Letford – #2 – Form 5-4
  • Asma Muhammad – The Jermaine Wade Award for Outstanding Leadership
  • Beyonce Osborne
    • Most Outstanding – French
    • Most Outstanding – EDPM
  • David Owen
    • Outstanding Student – Geography
    • Diligent Student – Technical Drawing
    • Top Male Student
  • Jose Reynolds
    • #1 – Form 5-4
    • Most Outstanding – Mathematics (5-4)
    • Diligent – Building Construction
  • Jhordan Ryan – Most Outstanding – Mathematics (5-2)
  • Lauralyn Ryan – Outstanding Student – Food & Nutrition
  • Gamaal Scotland
    • #2 – Form 5-2
    • Richard Aspin Award – Most Outstanding Student in Electronic and Electrical Tech
  • Nia St. Claire
    • Most Improved – Integrated Science
    • Most Improved – Social Studies ( 5-2)
    • Most Improved – EDPM
    • Service Above Self Award – Rotary Club of Montserrat
  • Tiffany Weekes
    • #2 – Form 5-1
    • Most Consistent – Spanish
    • Most Consistent – Chemistry
    • Dedicated and Consistent – Physics
    • Most Outstanding – Food and Nutrition
    • Top Female Student – Sports
    • Dedicated and Hard Working – Leadership