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Montserrat to Celebrate ICT Week Nov 25 to 29

Activities aimed at encouraging members of the public to use information communication technologies (ICT) to their benefit, will be rolled out on Montserrat from November 25 to 29.

The Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy & Labour has planned a week of activities under the theme ‘Leveraging Technology in a Digital World’. ICT Coordinator in the Ministry, Loni Howe, said, “The activities will target various audiences in the community and they are all centered on reinforcing the theme, which encourages persons to take advantage of the power of technology.”

She added, “At the end of the sessions participants should have the basic skills needed to promote themselves or businesses on social media, or even create an ICT based business.”

The activities for the week include, a ‘Tech Hunt’ at the Montserrat Secondary School (MSS), ‘Let’s Talk Tech’ and ‘Leveraging Social Media’ seminars, and radio quizzes daily on Radio Montserrat, among others.

Tech Hunt is an interactive technology based version of the traditional treasure hunt game, where students are able to use technology to answer questions and search for the next clue. ‘Let’s Talk Tech’ is targeted at Senior Managers in the public and private sectors and aims to provide an avenue through which they can be updated on new developments within the ICT sector, especially as it relates to cybersecurity and data protection. The ‘Leveraging Social Media’ seminar is geared towards business owners and social media enthusiast and will look at Building out your social media calendar, Pricing your work, Creating partnerships and Effective Networking.

ICT Week is held annually to promote and educate members of the public on the use of information communication technologies.

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