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Colour Craze - Ink Invasion

Montserrat Carnival Parade in Photos

Brades Primary – Under the Sea
Dres Mobile Karaoke

The Lookout Primary School captured the top prize for their Montserrat a Cultural Melting Pot troupe. It was a well-deserved honour as they showcased people from the many countries of the world who make the island home.

Other notable groups were the Brades Primary School who took us Under the Sea to discover creatures there, Unicorn Fantasy and the Royal Flush T-shirt troupe by the Legal Department.

A personal favourite was Dre’s Mobile Karaoke who had singers on the road belting out popular tunes from the 70s and 80s.

Here are the winners after the two-days of appearances at Carnival Day and Parade Day.

Children’s Troupe Prizes
First Prize Lookout Primary School
Second Prize Brades Primary School
Princess of the Band St. Augustine School
Prince of the Band Lookout
Most Creative Brades Primary School
Most Colourful Unicorn Fantasy
Best Individual Costume Octopus – Under The Sea – Brades Primary School
Adults’ Troupe prizes
First Prize Universal Rhythm
King of the Band Universal Rhythm
Queen of the Band Universal Rhythm
Best Individual Costume King – Universal Rhythm
Spirit of the Carnival Tropical Mas
Best T-Shirt Troupe
First Prize Royal Flush

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Photos by Nerissa and Joshua Golden.

Green masquerades is the newest addition to the islands traditional dance.
Montserrat – A Cultural Melting Pot – Lookout Primary
Colour Craze – Ink Invasion
Colour Craze – Ink Invasion
Before the mud – Colour Craze – Ink Invasion
Colour Craze – Ink Invasion
Colour Craze – Ink Invasion
Colour Craze – Ink Invasion


Runner ups in the Miss Teen Pageant
Under the Sea
Royal Flush – Legal Department tshirt troupe
Unicorn Fantasy
Happy Birthday – St. Augustine Primary School
Under the Sea – Brades Primary School
Universal Rhythms
This little masquerader had himself a good time.
Unicorn Fantasy
The junior Matrix Dancers
Emerald Shamiole Masquerades
Some of the young ladies from the Matrixx Dancers