Civil Servants Complete Sea Bed Mapping Training

RMPS Photos of the GOM team aboard the RV Ridley Thomas.

Several members of the Government of Montserrat recently completed a training in Sea Bed Mapping using the Geodesy/Positioning and GNSS/MBES Principles.
From the Lands and Survey Department: Nicole Duberry and Jovarn Thornhill. Thiffanie Williams and Ajhermae White from the Department of Environment. Lavern Ryan, GIS Manager and Akeem Richards from the GIS Department / Physical planning Unit, Chase Buffonge of the FIsheries Division and Dillon Weekes from the Montserrat Port Authority.

Collecting data from the seabed.

According to the Royal Montserrat Police Service (RMPS), the equipment was installed on MV Heliconia Star throughout the period of the training.

On January 14, the team took the opportunity to interact with the crew of R/V Ridley Thomas who are currently conducting a similar type survey West of Montserrat in preparation for the laying of fibre optic cables. The team led by Joseph O’Garro of the port authority was introduces to the various equipment used in conducting the survey on board the vessel.

RMPS Photos of the GOM team aboard the RV Ridley Thomas.

MV Heliconia Star, the police vessel, and crew were present and assisted in transporting the team over to the Ridley Thomas safely. The newly trained staff will be able to conduct further surveys around the island in the near future. Coxswain Jailall of MV Heliconia Star was nominated as a future member of the team.