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Cavalla Hill Road Works Almost Complete

Earthworks in Cavalla Hill (Photo Credit:  GIU)
The road network from Cavalla Hill to Barzey’s is receiving an upgrade through the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF), under the portfolio of the Office of the Premier. The earthworks in the area began earlier this month (January) and is expected to be completed tomorrow, Friday January 31, 2020. “The earth works contractor has been busy excavating for the realignment of the road and it is expected that the earthworks for the widening of the junction and the roadway, will be completed by tomorrow, Friday,” explained BNTF Project Manager, Mervin Browne. Following the completion of the earth works, the contractor for the concrete road and drainage work will commence operations during the first week in February.
In addition, earth works is also scheduled to commence on the Mars Hill Road in the second week of February 2020. Mr. Browne noted that the work on the road way in Mars Hill will result in a wider road and improved drainage in the area. “It is expected that work on both of these roads will be completed in April 2020, weather permitting.
The BNTF is soliciting the support of both communities to be patient, as we work to improve the access to their communities as well as creating more user friendly all-weather access for the wider Montserrat Community,” expressed the BNTF Project Manager.
In November 2019, The BNTF signed contracts with three local contractors to rehabilitate sections of road at Mars Hill and Cavalla Hill. The contracts are collectively valued at EC$910,000.00 and were awarded to Quanjo Equipment, Payne and Payne Enterprise Ltd and QRG Auto Services.
BNTF is one of the longest running regional poverty reduction programs in the Caribbean, and stands out in the global development arena for its community-driven approach, tailored for the Caribbean context. The programme stretches across the Region, providing basic infrastructure and improving the livelihoods of beneficiaries in the 10 Borrowing Member Countries of the Caribbean Development Bank.