ICT Unit Hosting Free Web and Music Workshops

The ICT Unit has launched a series of workshops which have been made available to the public to position them to be better able to take advantage of improved broadband access once the fibre optics project is complete.

The ICT Unit sits within the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour. The minister on Friday during his weekly social media talk said the website workshops had been oversubscribed.

Minister Dr Samuel Joseph said the nation has to be ready to take advantage of the millions being spent on infrastructure. The website building workshop began on January 27 to February 7 and is being led by by local tech startup 4th Dymension. A second website building workshop has been added for later in the month to meet the demand.

The ICT Unit on Thursday, February 6 at 5PM, in collaboration with the OECS Business Unit will host a music forum to look at the potential for local musicians and performers to sell online.

The music industry has shifted to Spotify and other streaming services Dr. Joseph said. He said if Montserrat was to grow economically, “One of the things we have to do is use our creativity.”

Jhovan Daniel of 4th Dymension is facilitating the website building workshop – MCWEL Photo

To sign up for the free music workshop, contact MCWEL at 491-2522/21 or email howel@gov.ms.

To stay abreast of upcoming workshops, follow the MCWEL page here –> https://www.facebook.com/MCWELMontserrat/

Students participating in the website building workshop. They are learning to use WordPress, which is the most popular platform for building websites today – MCWEL Photo