Register for Montserrat’s Easter Monday Road Relay Invitational 2020

A runner for the fire services relay team heads into the final stretch at 2019 Road Relay

Registration for teams is now open for the annual Easter Monday Road Relay Invitational 2020 organised by the Department of Community, Youth and Sports Services.
Local and regional teams are encouraged to register for the event slated for Easter Monday, April 13, 2020 and which is a national holiday on Montserrat.
The deadline to registers is March 20th.
The routes are:
MALE: (7 runners)
LAP 1 – MSS to Vue Pointe
LAP 2 – Vue Pointe to Emerald Isle Real Estate, Woodlands (Dwayne Hixon)
LAP 3 – Emerald Isle Real Estate to Hilltop
LAP 4 – Hilltop to Romeo’s (Carr’s Bay)
LAP 5 – Romeo’s to Yellowhill
LAP 6 – Yellowhill (thru Judy Piece around Lookout) to Lookout School
Lap 7 – Lookout to Little Bay

The finish line at the 2019 Easter Monday Road Relay

FEMALE: (6 runners)
LAP 1 – MSS to Roundabout (Old Towne (Log Wood Road))
LAP 2 – Roundabout to MCC (road entrance…Mrs Anne Bynoe)
LAP 3 – MCC to St Peters Old School
LAP 4 – St Peters Old School to Cudjoe Head
LAP 5 – Cudjoe Head (thru Manjack) to Ryan Complex
LAP 6 – Ryan Complex to Little Bay

Further Information on the routes and to register, contact the Sports Department at or call 491-5703 or 495-2601.