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Mobile Banking Services Coming to Montserrat

The Bank of Montserrat is going mobile. According to a press release from Mobilearth, a Canadian technology firm which specialises in advanced, custom-branded banking apps, the Bank of Montserrat Limited is their newest client.

This is the latest in a series of big moves for the island’s lone indigenous bank. BOM is now awaiting the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s approval of its purchase of the local branch of the Royal Bank of Canada, which was announced last December.

“…our mission is to provide state of the art, diversified and efficient financial services to add value to our customers’ lives. We chose Mobilearth because their platform gives us the ability to provide our customers with cutting edge technology that allows them to stay connected whether they are on island or off island,” Dyonne Duberry, IT Manager for the bank stated.

Mobilearth will be providing the Bank of Montserrat with MobiBank mobile apps, online banking and a text (SMS) channel. These products are fully integrated with features that will enable their customers to bank anywhere with ease.

With everyone having a smartphone or a computer as the norm nowadays, it is only natural that banking services be offered electronically. Financial institutions use Mobilearth products to give customers the flexibility to do what they need to do quickly.

As a leading provider of advanced mobile apps, Mobilearth focuses on providing an omni-channel experience for financial institution employees and their clients, removing location restraints while streamlining branch processes and providing a unified user experience on both sides of the counter. Mobilearth’s MobiBank and MobiBranch product suite incorporates features such as wire services, cash orders, real-time help chat and secure messages.

“At Mobilearth, we understand that life is mobile and that customers should be able to perform all of their banking anywhere with the tap of a button. As physical locations dwindle away, adding MobiBranch enables institutions to have a virtual branch in any location at any time, which saves money and improves customer service.”
– Tia Lee, CEO, Mobilearth

Bank of Montserrat adds another indigenous Caribbean Bank to the company’s roster. The Bank of St. Lucia, Bank of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Antigua Commercial Bank are also their clients.

A roll out date for the new services will be announced shortly said a bank representative.