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MCSA Wants All Public Servants to Work From Home, Gov’t to Announce New Measures at 11

President of the Civil Service Association calls for public servants to be able to work from home amid concerns of local spread of COVID-19.

On Monday evening, the government confirmed a new case of the virus on island, which now brings the number to two. The new case was a community transmission, as the patient has not travelled in recent times. The first, was a visiting national of the United Kingdom.
Nyota Mulcare, president of the body said in a message to members the “COVID-19 pandemic is real and we all would have seen in the news of those who have been affected thus far. The first priority is the health and well-being of you and your families and your ability to remain safe and protected.
“Many of you would have made contact to express your concerns of no longer feeling safe to attend work due to the deadly virus COVID-19. In spite my announcements some members have still not been provided with protective gears (masks, gloves etc) and sanitizers in the undertaking of their duties. Please note that given what we are facing, you are not to work without protection. Protective gears are MANDATORY at this time. Some departments have failed to reduce the direct and numerous contact with the public, leaving members at high risks.
“Many of you are also up in arms due to the fact that the Governor’s Office has announced that it will not be open to the public effective 23 March, until further notice. This has also brought into question discriminatory issues.
“In light of the above, I have written to Governor Andrew Pearce, Premier Joseph Taylor-Farrell and Deputy Governor Mrs Lyndell Simpson requesting to place the Public Service on Shut Down to work from home, to reduce the risks associated with transmitting this deadly virus. I will inform you accordingly as to the developments of this request,” the message stated.
The government will be holding a press conference on Wednesday morning, which will be conducted virtually with the media. It is expected that the entire island will be put on lockdown. The specifics of this will be released at 11AM.