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Lyandra’s 8 Ways to Cope During COVID-19 Lock Down

Here we are, just completing the third month in the year. We all said this was going to be our year, didn’t we? We all had big plans, ready to execute, didn’t we? 2020 was going to see us having the time of our lives!! Then out of left field, here comes COVID-19 affecting and threatening our very existence. Now we are left uncertain and pondering. What’s next? What can be done, what should we do?
The world is on a curfew, the only thing we can do is stay indoors or close to home. For many it would be second nature while for others it would be a task and a half. To help you cope, I have put together a few suggestions on how you can pass this time, positively.

  1. Read – Grab a book or an article surrounding your areas of interest. There are a lot of free books and articles available online. Be committed to educating yourself so you will be in a much better position when this is all over.
  2. Spend time with family – For me nothing beats family. I have used this time to sit and old talk with family, have virtual light-hearted discussions with friends or playing dominoes with my son. These are all ways in which you can provide emotional support to someone. If you have a neighbour that lives alone, have healthy and uplifting discussions over the fence, after all we are still allowed out in our yards.
  3. Learn a new skill or start an online business – Whether the skill is cooking, knitting, designing or do it yourself activities, YouTube and the internet in general have a whole host of “How to” videos in different areas to get you started.
  4. Creating videos to educate/entertain others – Being locked indoors means increase in social media traffic, everyone would be online, so here is your audience. If you are skilled in a particular area or would like to offer words of wisdom to motivate and educate others, go live or upload videos of yourself conducting a session. The world now needs this.
  5. Strengthen your business – If you were planning to expand your business, here is the time to write a solid business case. If you were behind on activities needed to make the business run smoothly, here is your opportunity to get up to speed. If your accounts were strictly book based, have a think about putting them online or if you wanted to take your business online, now is the time to do so. Use the time to strengthen your business, so when this is over and it will be, you are ready, because best believe customers will be waiting.
  6. Exercise – It is important to keep your endorphins going during this time. Let me guess, you’re at home eating everything in sight, am I right or am I right? So to avoid added weight or possible health issues, get involved in some sort of activity. Check out the full body 20-min video at the end which you can engage in, and requires no equipment.
  7. Meditate – Take some time out for yourself each day just to reflect on you and how you are doing. This would help you to increase awareness of yourself and surroundings whilst bringing that inner peace and calmness.
  8. Show gratitude – Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by starting a gratitude journal. Each day, preferably when you get up, write down 5 things you are grateful for. The more you show gratitude to the universe, the more you attract it. This practice helps set a positive tone for the day!

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Wishing you all the very best! Stay Safe!