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Montserrat Tourism Drops New Promo Video

Screenshot from the new Montserrat Tourism video
Riding bikes - screenshots from the new Montserrat Tourism video
screenshots from the new Montserrat Tourism video

We love the new promotional video of Montserrat, released on Monday by the Tourism Division.
The 1:45 run time on the video, which can now be seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages, was beautifully shot and produced by Roydenn Silcott of Hypnotic Montserrat, who played a crucial role in securing the captivating video footage, as well as the talent, sometimes competing with Sahara Dust and rainy days to get that perfect shot.
Director of Tourism Warren Solomon said the video has also been shared with their regional partners at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation. The CTO has been encouraging member nations to produce content showcasing the islands and using the hashtag #CaribbeanDreaming as a way to entice visitors to return the minute borders allow for them to do so.

Director of Tourism, Warren Solomon, commented: “We wanted the video to appeal to the viewer’s yearning to travel to places that highlight peace, tranquility, beauty and friendliness where they can re-charge their batteries, and I think we were able to accomplish that.”

He added, “The world is not in a good place right now, but there are some shining lights, particularly in the Caribbean, where visitors can feel at ease and not have to deal with crowds and the fast-paced lifestyle. Montserrat is certainly one of those places.”

“This feel-good video is an important tool to showcase the island’s charm and serenity,” said Rosetta West-Gerald, Product Development Officer at the Tourism Division. She added, “It is our hope that it would appeal to travelers who have an affinity with the outdoors, as well as members of the Montserratian Diaspora.”

In only the first two hours after it was released on the official tourism Facebook page, the video racked up more than 2500 views and over 100 shares.
Escape to Monserrat is the theme and it is fitting given the current desire of many to self isolate and be far away from crowds. Using beautiful drone shots and close ups, we see Montserratians experiencing our amazing hilltop views, hiking trails, water and the sunsets. It definitely embodies why we believe Montserrat is the perfect post-COVID-19 getaway.

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Watch it below.