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Digital Nomad life at Little Bay. Centre Hills Montserrat in the distance. (Nerissa Golden photo)

Montserrat to Pursue Remote Working Programme for Digital Nomads

The announcement was made by MCWEL Minister Dr. Samuel Joseph on Thursday September 24, 2020.

The programme will allow persons to travel to Montserrat and work remotely from Montserrat; thereby contributing to Montserrat’s economy, while at the same time completing their targets for their companies and organizations based overseas.

Dr. Joseph explained that the need for this type of programme was propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in several organistions and companies implementing policies to allow employees to work from home.

“There are people currently in metropolitan areas and various parts of the world, who now have the ability to work from home…so the digital nomad programme is basically telling people to come to Montserrat to work…and you can do the same work that you would have produced for your company, from Montserrat,” stated Dr. Joseph.

Although the initiative has been approved, logistical arrangements and regulatory adjustments will have to be made before it can be implemented.

Dr. Joseph said changes will have to be made to our immigration laws to allow this category of persons to come to Montserrat and work remotely and Montserrat’s tax laws will also need to be updated to include provisions for persons working on Montserrat but who are collecting their salaries from overseas. He added that discussions and consultations will have to be carried out with villa owners, car rentals, individuals in tourism and health to ensure that all logistical arrangements and systems are in place before the programme is launched.

The programme is expected to result in economic benefits to Montserrat, as restaurants, domestic workers, the accommodation sector, car rentals and supermarkets will be utilised by the Digital nomads who will be working from Montserrat.

The remote working scheme is expected to be launched this financial year.

Further information on this programme can be obtained by viewing Dr. the Honourable Samuel Joseph’s ‘From The Minister’s Chair’ at the following link: