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Two sections of the complex have already been torn down.

Shops at The Lyme Being Relocated as Lease Agreement Ends

Two sections of the complex have already been torn down.
The new units will be situated in a U-shape and have a courtyard with seating and will be landscaped.

The business complex, known as The Lyme, along the Brades main road is being torn down and is to be returned to its pre-developed state.
Developer and landlord of the complex, John Ryan, said his company had a 20-year lease with the land owner, which comes to an end in December 2020. About ten small businesses and organisations have been affected by the relocation.

Several of the tenants are being relocated nearby on another portion of leased land, behind the current RX Gym and Country Style Restaurant section on the upper side of the road.

Ryan explained, that he has more favorable lease terms on this section, which gives his tenants a place they can operate from for the foreseeable future. The developer has also purchased a plot of land above the Brades Primary School, where he will be building a complex which will house his Ryan Investment and insurance offices.

The new location allows for eight businesses situated around a courtyard. The wooden buildings will have entrances on the front and back to allow for customers to access the courtyard seating. The area is also be landscaped.

John Ryan explains the plan for the small owners displaced from The Lyme.

Businesses affected by the change include two restaurants, a hair salon, barber and a small grocer.

The Lyme had been a popular location for community meetings and cultural activities and nightlife centrered around the bar in the middle.



Land in Brades
Ryan Investments has purchased a plot of land above Brades Primary School (behind BeBes) where a permanent business complex will be built.
These buildings have been moved from The Lyme.