Student Athletes – Apply for a Gem Sports Foundation Scholarship

Gems Sports Foundation Founder Omarie Allen

Young athletes on Montserrat have an opportunity to gain financial support to pursue their dreams through a new organisation.
The GEM Sports Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation based in Montserrat is now accepting applications until December 4, 2020 for students from low income households who need assistance.
The foundation was officially launched on November 2, 2020 by a group of young Montserratians with a single goal – to lend a helping hand. The groups main objective is to support student athletes eight to 18 from lower income households in Montserrat with immense athletic talent.
The foundation was founded by Omarie Allen, birthed out of his own story, coupled with his passion for sports and mentoring. Omarie said he saw this initiative as an opportunity to create an avenue that addresses both academic and athletic needs for youths on Montserrat. His desire to contribute to sports development in Montserrat was influenced by his personal experiences as a former national athlete, representing Montserrat in both athletics and cricket across the region. He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by student-athletes from low income households who may not have the relevant resources at their disposal to excel in their sporting disciplines.
Together with the Board of Trustees, Omarie envisages that this initiative would be widely accepted by young persons in Montserrat.
“Montserrat has produced and continues to develop top athletes and our aim is to identify students who are displaying immense talent, but, may not have the necessary support or resources to pursue their dreams. While our primary focus is sports, we hope to expand our services to other beneficial areas in the coming years,” a release from the foundation stated.
Omarie Allen, originally from Baker Hill, went through the entire schooling system in Montserrat where he discovered his love for sports.
“It wasn’t easy, because growing up in a single parent household, funding was limited to my academic needs. But, I had the support of two people in my corner who saw my potential. Mr. Jeff Lane and the RH Basil Morgan who provided mentoring and financial support to ensure that my sporting endeavours and abilities were constantly nurtured.”
Allen said his experience as a student athlete taught him two valuable lessons: the value of mentorship and the importance of giving back.
The grant, which amounts to $1000 XCD covers all sports disciplines on island.
To qualify for the award:

  • Student must be between the ages of 8 and 18.
  • Student should be actively involved in local sports competitions.
  • Student must portray good sportsmanship.
  • Student must attain regular (80% or above) attendance at school.
  • Student must attain a 60% mark in academic performance.
  • Student must be well disciplined and demonstrate good behaviour.
  • Student must be from a low income household.
  • Student must be living in and attending school in Montserrat.

The closing date is December 4th, 2020.

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