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A Handy Guide to Watching Montserrat’s 2020 Calypso Eliminations

Yeah! We know Calypso Eliminations would be way more fun if we were all liming in the village. BUT, since we can’t because we want everyone to stay safe, here’s how you can watch it from wherever you are.

ZJB Radio will be airing the competition live tonight or you can wait for the delayed broadcast on Digicel cable or log on to watch live with the rest of us. A few local bars including Desert Storm in Salem will be streaming the event, so you can find a buddy (wear your masks) and enjoy.

Here’s how to access the live stream. Tickets are EC$10 at the Montserrat Arts Council office or pay online.

Navigate to this link below (It will not work on Facebook and would probably get your account restricted if you attempt to post it…)

Calypso Eliminations 2020 LIVE | LiveIslands (

Click on BUY. It will give you the option to login or sign up to gain access to the show.
Once you are logged in, you can enter your viewing code or follow the instructions to purchase one with your credit card.
Then select ‘View’ to watch the show.
If you have any issues viewing the show please contact Customer Services via WhatsApp on 1 (664) 493 8219 / 393 9147.
The show is scheduled to start at 8PM and there will be no break so join early to catch all of the 24 performers.
Here’s a list of the artists and the order in which they will appear.
1 Fredrick Daley – Taffy – Dung Di Road
2 James Browne – Cruza – Carnival Fantasy
3 Elton Galloway – Chipsa – Mas In Your Mask
4 Trevon Pollard – Ttrevvle – Calypso Reform
5 Maxcine Osborne – Fen-yung – Man’s Quest for Success
6 Kenneth Greenaway – Lazor – Serious Times
7 Michael Greenaway – Sunny Money – Doing it from a Distance
8 Clifford Yearwood – Mad Max – Six Foot J’ouvert
9 Jayesh Sadhwani – Sakawinki – Mr. Plumber
10 Samantha Inniss – Samantha – Marriage
11 Herman Francis – Cupid – When The World Stops
12 Wallace Baptiste Baptiste – Pay De Black Man ‘E Money
13 Kevin Farrell – King NattE – Man Who Shapes The Future
14 Robert Baker – Shortie – Agouti & Iguana
15 Stevel Rodney – D Rod – Let The Young People Shine
16 Kelvin Duberry – Tabu – Before It’s Too Late
17 Brian Charles – I-Cultural – Virus In The Stimulus
18 Ife Eshe – I-feh – I Don’t Want No Blessing
19 Desmond Davis – Undertaker – Social Media Lover
20 Reinford Gibbons – Kulcha Don – Glory Days
21 Delroy Joseph – Delz – Calypso Lyrics
22 Steve Watts – Michigan – Change My Name From Covid
23 Sanjay Prince – Sanjarion – Lock Dung
24 Keithroy Morson – De Bear – Call Daddy