Debra Lewis is First Female President of the St. Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union Board

Debra Lewis (The Montserrat Reporter Photo)

The St Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union’s (SPCCU) announced Tuesday, the appointment of Debra Lewis as President of the Board of Directors. Miss Lewis makes history as the first female to be appointed as President of the Board of Directors of the SPCCU, since its inception in 1957.

Following on from credit union’s 48th Annual General Meeting held on December 17th, 2020, the newly elected Board of Directors, Supervisory and Compliance Committee, and the Credit Committee of the SPCCU met recently to elect Executive Officers.

The new president has considerable experience in financial services, public sector management, strategic planning, business management and diplomacy. She currently serves in the position of Director of External Affairs in the Office of the Premier, Government of Montserrat. She is also Montserrat’s serving Ambassador to the OECS and CARICOM.

The President is supported by newly elected Vice President Simone Watts-Laborde, Treasurer Geraldine Cabey, and George Skerritt in the post of Secretary. The other members of the Board of Directors are Nicole Duberry, Bertram Lee and Lovetta Silcott.

Additionally, Denecia West was elected to head the Supervisory and Compliance Committee. She will be assisted by Committee Secretary, Jacqueline Martin. The other members of The Supervisory and Compliance Committee are Brent Shuffler and Sasha Farrell.

Michelle Cassell was also elected to the position of Chairperson of the Credit Committee, while Miss Lauren Piper was elected as the Committee’s Secretary. They will be assisted by Yvonelle Wade, Reuel Mcloyd-White and Siobhan Tuitt.

The Board of the SPCCU is entrusted with the general direction, control and management of the Society in keeping with the Co-operative Societies Act No. 4 of 2011.