Active COVID-19 Cases on Montserrat Increase to 7

The Ministry of Health and Social Services’ contact tracing efforts has identified another case of COVID-19; thus increasing the number of local cases to 7.

In a situational update to the public the Ministry of Health indicated that over the last 24 hours. 19 investigations for COVID -19 were conducted. 18 of which returned negative and one positive.

The new positive is linked to a known case and as such had been previously placed in quarantine. The individual has now entered isolation where they will remain until recovery.

The Ministry of Health and Socials Services is advising residents to continue to self-monitor for signs and symptoms of the COVID-19 and immediately report any incidences of fever, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of smell and taste, runny nose or nausea and vomiting to the medical authorities via the flu hot-line 496- 9724 or to the Glendon Hospital Casualty Department 491-2836/2552/2802.